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The town of San Teodoro enjoys great prestige among the main tourist resorts of Sardinia because it can offer suggestive natural environments but also top-notch tourist services and accommodation facilities.
Easy to reach, San Teodoro is the ideal destination for a beach holiday full of fun and relaxation thanks to its beautiful beaches and its still wild nature.
But San Teodoro is also sport, it is also adventure and the charm of discovery, it is the fun of its nightlife, its warmth ... Beaches of irresistible charm, life and sea air in a stretch of coast with a high environmental profile, enhanced thanks to to the protection of the Marine Park… San Teodoro is territorially and culturally inserted in the Gallura sub-region, in the north-eastern part of Sardinia which makes the great tradition of hospitality a very precious resource for an important holiday.
San Teodoro, however, boasts a great variety of natural environments starting from the remarkable wetlands close to the coasts, the large lagoon that hosts resident birdlife, but also the mountain with the main point of Monte Nieddu with very interesting views, natural waterfalls and places of history , testimony of the traditional rural life of our area.
The natural propensity for hospitality of the locals, the jovial and cheerful character and the great love of this for traditions are clearly visible for example in the rigor of the typical cuisine made of natural ingredients produced on site and with a genuine flavor, but still of more the people of San Teodoro always know how to celebrate with renewed warmth the memory of their peasant traditions and the healthy values ​​of solidarity and harmony, through village festivals concentrated above all in the summer period, but also during the rest of the year.
The peasant civilization of our tradition, however, has now given way to tourism development built on thirty years of experience, on tourist services that meet an increasingly demanding demand and a proven and efficient hospitality organization.


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Sardinia - June 8th-9th 2024
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